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Support will always be free to search for wool makers, add your own wool product company, as well as add wool makers that you’ve found.

Find Wool is an independent project. No shareholders with hands on levers, no automated Google ads bombarding you with non-wool-milk products – just an easy to use website that connects wool product seekers with wool product makers.

This wool maker directory is one an array of wholesome product directories. This array began with, a website for finding local farmers who provide raw milk direct to consumer or through herdshare programs.

Get Raw Milk also has a raw milk law library. The raw milk law library is a directory of jurisdictions containing links to raw milk relevant laws, news articles, and historical information to help us understand where each state stands.

Another directory in this array is, where you can find restaurants, bakeries, breweries, cafes, hot bars, cold bars, and other eateries who prepare food ready to eat using animal based fats instead of seed oils.

These tools expedite the process connecting wholesome seekers with wholesome providers using modern technology. As more people become interested in natural products and natural foods, these websites will be here to make it easy.

What your support means

Every day, people from all over the world use to find their local farmers. People end up eating better food. Farmers see an increase in their customer base. Local economies are made stronger. Agriculture shifts in a more wholesome, conscious, and sustainable direction.

The same concept motivated the construction of

There’s a seemingly endless amount of work that needs to be done in this movement. Your contributions ensure that these projects can can continue to grow and help the movement forward as we build better tools to inflict change.

What you can do to help

Spread the word

The most important thing you can do is help people find their sources. Each and every connection between makers and buyers moves the movement in the right direction. Makers get more customers, they can grow and have more in the bank for a rainy day, and customers get good products. was designed to make finding raw milk easy. Easy to remember, easy to share, easy to identify places to find wool products.

Help keep up to date

Know a wool product maker that isn’t on Find Wool? Have updated info for any particular listing? Has a wool product maker stopped doing business?

This is all helpful information that helps keep everyone up to date and saves people time. Send details to or use the flag button found on the top-right and bottom-right of any particular listing.

Update: there’s now a New Listing Form

Help us add your country

Find Wool is a global project. Take the initiative for your country by sending an email to with a list of wool product makers in your country.

This project costs money, so…

Actual dollars are a requirement to keep this website on the internet, along with time dedicated to development and maintenance. Consider making a financial contribution to keep this project going and improving.

Crypto addresses can be found in the footer of the website. All contributions are appreciated. Coordinate with us for test-runs before you send if you’d like to make sure the transfer goes through. Bitcoin address changes regularly, but it’s not automated yet, that’s on the list.

Thank you for helping Find Wool build this tool for a better world. is funded by supporters like you

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